Creation, Genesis, and the Virgin Birth

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen 

This article contains links to several items that are articles, videos, and audio. I realize that this is a busy time of year for many, but if you have some time, I hope you'll delve into the material. Or maybe save some of the items for a more convenient time.

Although there is dispute about the actual day, most people who identify as Christians celebrate Christmas on December 25. No, we are not commanded to celebrate Christmas or Easter, we have the liberty to celebrate or leave it alone. (Saying it's wrong to celebrate because we're not commanded to do so is the argument from silence fallacy. Also, Jesus celebrated Hanukkah, John 10:22–39, although it was not a required observance. Nor are we required to observe Hanukkah, but some think it's a good idea.) We commemorate the day that Jesus Christ, God the Son, our Creator, humbled himself and took on human form for our redemption. Creationists have many reasons to celebrate the day.

Genesis is foundational to Christian doctrines, including the virgin birth. Not only do atheists and evolutionists attack the virgin birth, but so do false teachers like Andy Stanley.
Adoration of the Shepherds, 1646, by "Pupil of Rembrandt", modified with galaxy
Atheists, evolutionists and liberal "Christians" attack the book of Genesis with extreme ferocity. They know it is the foundation of all major Christian doctrines. We know about the virgin birth of Jesus, that it was prophesied, and happened in Bethlehem. We have a problem when people say that the virgin birth is unimportant. Guess where it was first prophesied? In that most attacked book, in Genesis 3:15. One thing is really quite simple: those of us who believe the Bible also believe the virgin birth (more specifically, virgin conception) because that's what it clearly teaches.

Before we get to the audio and video material, if'n you want something to read, I recommend Dr. Mohler's article, "Must We Believe the Virgin Birth?" For a free Mp3 audio lesson by Dr. Mohler that is pertinent, this lesson is quite good.

Although I'm reluctant to embed videos, the one below is less then seventeen minutes. Andy Stanley shows his lack of theological knowledge (or perhaps his desire to undermine the authority of Scripture) by saying it's not important. Pastor Chris Rosebrough of "Fighting for the Faith" plays an excerpt from Stanley, then explains why what Stanley does is very dangerous. (In addition to the reasons discussed, a personal reason I'm bothered by Andy's treatment of the Bible is that his father, Dr. Charles Stanley, affirms the authority and inerrancy of Scripture. His teachings have been helpful to me over the years.) Please take some time to ponder this, and listen to how Andy downplays the importance of not only the virgin birth, but the Bible itself. In addition, Dr. James White discussed this on "The Dividing Line", at the beginning of this video.

So, I'll turn you over to Chris Rosebrough's material in the audio-in-video-format below, and I wish all y'all a happy, safe, blessed Christmas!