Another Reason to Doubt Beneficial Mutations

Proponents of carp-to-cardiologist evolution originally relied on Darwin's views of natural selection, a concept that he pilfered from creationist Edward Blyth and then twisted for his own ends. While some fundamentalist evolutionists erroneously conflate "survival of the fittest" natural selection with evolution, the two are not the same. When Darwinists realized that natural selection was not working to cause evolution, they started paying attention to genetics, a science begun by Gregor Mendel (peas be upon him).

A heart condition is traced to mutations
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The most common form of common-ancestor evolution is a synthesis of genetics and natural selection that relies on mutations as its driving force. But the idea of "beneficial" mutations is disputed at best, and there are no examples of mutations improving protein construction. The overwhelming majority of mutations are harmful, and a few are neutral. A recent study on a heart condition that kills people who seem healthy has been traced to mutations. The truth is, everything was created perfect. When Adam sinned, death entered the world, which included mutations.
A 15-year-long project finally bore fruit after researchers painstakingly identified a specific gene mutation that can lead to sudden heart failure in otherwise healthy-looking young people. These newly published results counter the long-standing view that mutations can somehow drive evolutionary innovation.

The gene in question, named CDH2, carries the instructions for cells to build N-cadherin. This protein binds adjacent heart muscle cells together like mortar between bricks. With faulty mortar, bricks may stack up just fine, but they can suddenly collapse in a strong wind. A similar tragedy occurs with a CDH2 mutation. This error in the instructional code produces warped N-cadherin that leaves vital heart cells with a weak attachment to one another.
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Notice that the Christian worldview is to help the helpless, defend the defenseless, build hospitals and schools, do good to others? Things would be quite different if we joined in with a social Darwinism approach and let it go to its logical conclusion:
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