Presenting the Creation Guild

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen
Edited April 2, 2017

In an effort to move forward with this ministry, improving material on this site as well as The Question Evolution Project on Facebook, I am implementing a system where people can show their support. Giving a nod to the geological layers laid down by the waters of the Genesis Flood, there are layers of support available.
Assembled with various images in the public domain, Clker clipart, and my own, using Paint.Net
No, I am not going to begin charging for material. What is posted on this site and Pages on Fazebook will continue to remain free. This is for the purpose of obtaining additional material for me to study and present to readers. The whole purpose is to spread the truth about biblical creation science and sound creationary theology.

Let's take a gander at the layers.

Obviously, Genesis is the beginning. Some folks want to help, but have to work for a pittance just to stay alive. Even small amounts can add up. Contributors at the Genesis Layer will receive a membership card and a weekly newsletter that does not go out to the general public.

People giving at the Noahic Layer will receive invitations to TQEP events, the membership card, and the newsletter

You can see a pattern here: each layer has an added bonus. The Dispersal Layer has a personalized, numbered ID card (send your picture to my agent), as well as the TQEP events invitations where your personalized ID card gives you free admission, the regular membership card, and the newsletter.

Members of the Founders of Science Layer receive admission to a special site where they can view my articles that have not been released to the public, plus the TQEP events invitations (free admission with the personalized ID card), the regular membership card, and the newsletter.

The Modern Biblical Creation Science Layer adds a free DVD of my relevance of Genesis relating to the increasing hostility of viperine anti-creationists and atheists. Then (you guessed it), the other benefits: admission to the special site, TQEP events invitations (free admission with the personalized ID card), the regular membership card, and the weekly newsletter.

Here's the part that those who are well-heeled can appreciate the most. We will have an annual banquet on Question Evolution Day so we can meet and have some stimulating discussions. A video showing is also possible. Of course, all the other benefits: admission to the special site to read certain articles in advance, TQEP even invitations with free admission if you show your personalized ID card, the regular membership card, and the weekly newsletter.

I hope you're as excited about the possibilities of helping me take my biblical creation science work to the next level! To learn more, click here see below.

Wondering how many people took this seriously and did not recollect that this here article was published on April 1... Anyway, this is the rest, the part that followed the "click here" that was above. It's quite serious:

I spent hours on those graphics, and it was partly in jest. No, there is no "Creation Guild", no perks, am not soliciting donations, and even if received them, they would not be tax deductible. Although I urgently need a car, that won't be paid for this way. Also, I may publish an ebook, but that won't affect this ministry.

There is a serious aspect to the article. Atheists like to complain about Christian ministries that ask for contributions, yet they ignore their own kind. Clinton Richard Dawkins is one of the wealthiest folks in Britain, but that tinhorn has a cult of personality akin to Scientology. He has the effrontery to prey on the gullible fools who support is atheism, (Psalm 14:1) although his philosophy is incoherent, and his attitude alienates atheists. Indeed, even other scientists are not fond of Dawkins.

These things remain unmentioned by atheists and other anti-creationists, which is blatant hypocrisy. Yes, creation science and other Christian ministries ask for money. Those of us who can afford to will give it so they can continue their work. And no, I'm not talking about the fake Christians who are exploiting gullible religious folks, either. They're going to get what's coming to them in the final Judgement — just like the atheists and other false teachers.