Hobbit-Forming Guesswork about Little People Fossils

Every so often, paleoanthropologists at the Darwin Ranch start chewing the peyote buttons and dreaming up some wild ideas. I'll allow that the diminutive H. floresiensis is baffling for both evolutionists and creationists, but there's no excuse for presenting some nonsense as science (such as going to the island and shrinking way, way down). The latest batch of stories aren't so outlandish, but it shows the disagreement among evolutionists while they hash things out. Creationists need to commence to working on these archaic humans (they certainly were not apes, nor were they our evolutionary ancestors) and determine what happened, including how they arrived in their location after the Genesis Flood. Then there's the strange H. naledi...
Two of the most mysterious hominin fossils are in the news again, and opinions are flying every direction.

Are the little people of Indonesia and South Africa just small versions of us? Wherever they came from, and whatever they were doing in the caves in which they were found, they don’t fit evolutionary expectations.

The Hobbits: Homo floresiensis

Whenever you see an overconfident headline like Science Daily‘s “Origins of Indonesian Hobbits finally revealed“, you know some press department is trying to promote one of their university’s researchers. This one is from Australian National University, and the researcher is Dr. Debbie Argue.
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