Evolution and Nature Worship

We frequently see the fallacy of reification, where something abstract is given traits belonging to a person or entity. This sort of thing is done frequently and often for humorous purposes, like when Basement Cat gives me an evil look. No, she can't do that. Or saying that the beach is calling for me. No, ain't happening, sorry. Science says...no, it doesn't, but maybe some scientists say. See?

Figures of speech using reification abound in stories and casual talk, but when used in an argument or scientific paper, reification is a fallacy. Proponents of scum-to-skeptic evolution are using the fallacy more and more frequently, indicating that evolution chooses, selects, decides, and so on. It's not infrequent to see an evolutionist making evolution into a puny god. 

Pagan evolution lives today
Pantheon of gods in The Triumph of Civilization by Jacques Réattu, 1793
Evolution has always been a religious idea from way back, including Greek and Hindu religions. What we have now is more correctly termed evolutionism, since it is a belief system deceptively presented by its adherents as objective science. Atheists claim to be irreligious, but that is untrue. (To go further, fascism has pagan roots incorporated into politics and policies. See "Evolution and the New Atheo-Fascism" for more about this dangerous belief system.) Evolution gets credit for changes seen in nature, the Creator is denied, and rational thought suffers as well. I reckon that's one reason evolutionists detest critical thinking, because people can see that Emperor Darwin has no clothes.
We are justifiably impressed by the great strides being made in science, technology and medicine. However, at the same time, western cultures have succumbed to secular, humanistic influences in education, the arts and the media; those human accomplishments are misused to persuade people that traditional Christianity is irrelevant. The truth-speaker who would stand up for Bible-based absolutes soon discovers the tyranny of society’s so-called ‘tolerant’ academic and political elites. After all, this is the 21st Century; surely we have grown up and left all that religious stuff behind. Or have we?

Paganism revived

Dig just beneath the surface and religion is alive and well. For sure, it is not the worship of the one true Creator God revealed in the Bible. No, modern people have ‘gone back’ to embracing gods of their own imagining. Ironically, many people with a strong secular evolutionary bent are now found embracing paganism. Pagans define their ideology as, “A polytheistic or pantheistic nature-worshipping religion.” It is an ancient form of religion and is found in many guises but there is no doubt that it always makes the veneration of nature central. Some consider nature itself to be divine and worship it accordingly. However, many today are what we might call ‘naturalistic science pagans’; although they may protest themselves to be non-religious, their writings betray a different motive.
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