Ice Age Forests in Scandinavia

Geologists believing in long ages and uniformitarianism cling to the notion that there were several ice ages in Earth's history, while creationary geologists believe there was only one Ice Age. Seems like most of the time an or the Ice Age is discussed, it is the "last" one. According to secular belief systems, the last ice age was devastating to forests in Scandinavia, and trees didn't get their ownselves planted there again until somewhere about 9,000 Darwin years ago.

Lofoten Norway Ice Age forests geology Genesis Flood
Credit: Pixabay / manolofranco
Fossil evidence is deflating that view. Further, secular geologists are unable to present a plausible model for the cause nor completion of an ice age. Creation science models involving the Genesis Flood are far more plausible. Of course, secularists won't cognate on those because they affirm rather than deny God the Creator, and also indicate a young earth.
Ice ages within the uniformitarian paradigm are very cold, much colder than today. So, according to this paradigm, it is believed that during the last ice age Scandinavia was completely denuded of trees and their range shrank as far south as the Mediterranean region. Trees did not make a comeback in Scandinavia until after the ice melted some 9,000 years ago, within the uniformitarian time scale. However, the fossil evidence suggests otherwise.
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