Three Gasses Essential for Life

Some of us are old enough to remember, and others listen to classic rock radio stations, when The Sweet had a song in 1978 called "Love is Like Oxygen". They said, " get to much, you get too high, not enough and you're gonna die". They are correct that we need just enough oxygen, but the part about love can be disputed. There are three gasses in our atmosphere (and in us to some extent) that are essential for life. They need to be in the correct proportions, too.

Our Creator engineered three gasses that are essential for life, including at the cellular level.
Credit: Freeimages / dumitru ionut
We hear about the "Goldilocks Zone" where, if a planet is in that zone (not too hot, not too cold), then Darwinists consider it a candidate for life to have evolved. There are many more factors involved, but one that seems to be overlooked is atmospheric pressure. If the pressure is wrong, then we cannot breathe. Three gasses are present and under the proper pressure on this planet our Creator has given us, and he engineered them for numerous functions that make life possible, including at the cellular level.
In this article we shall look at the gaseous components of our atmosphere: oxygen, carbon dioxide, and nitrogen. Nitrogen constitutes the major component (approximately 78%) with oxygen following at about 21%, and carbon dioxide at 0.04%. Though carbon dioxide constitutes a minor part of the atmosphere, life, as we know it, could not exist without it. Life depends on all three of these elements being in the gaseous form.
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