Wild Origin of Life Speculations

You would think that the hands at the Darwin Ranch would be too busy with running the propaganda mill, counting up the grant money, and passing off conjectures as scientific research to indulge in peyote gnawing. I mean, some of the downright weird concepts they're coming up with for the origin of life. Facts and science are not included, those cost extra.

Origin of life stories are getting more wild, ignoring facts and science.
Credit: Pixabay / ar130405
The origin of life (OOL), chemical evolution, abiogenesis, spontaneous generation, wishful thinking — whatever you want to call it — is scientifically untenable. As we've seen here before, those owlhoots just keep on a-trying. Recent results are getting very, very strange. So, here we go again.


How about the hydrocarbon soup out yonder, at Saturn's largest moon? Not hardly! The scientist who came up with this one seems to have forgotten (or never learned) basic chemistry and biology; it won't work, snookums. Or maybe life-based organisms did not originate in water, but took the shuttle later on. Uh, how about no? Then there's the one using assumptions that we're all "star stuff", so dust in the cosmic wind brought life here. Again I ask, "Who pays these jaspers?" A great deal of time and money is being foolishly spent in efforts to deny the work of our Creator and Redeemer.

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