Western Australia and the Genesis Flood

Critics of Genesis Flood geology base their complaints on uniformitarian processes, and most seem unwilling to consider what creationary scientists have to present. I have even seen some owlhoots that claim that there are no models for Flood geology, while at the same time refusing to examine models that have been presented. Essentially, biblical creationists are wrong because evolution. After all, Darwin's philosophies require deep time, and scoffers don't cotton to evidence for the recent creation and the global Flood. They just "know" that biblical creationists are wrong. No logic nor education needed.

Land features in the western area of Australia fit the Genesis Model quite well
Credit: NASA (usage does not imply endorsement of site contents)
I reckon the best way to test a model is to see if it can deal with observed data. Australia is, according to Ray Comfort, an island off the coast of New Zealand. (Well, I think that's funny.) Although an island, it is the smallest continent, "small" being relative, because it's still a mighty big place. It is also the flattest and driest inhabited continent. To limit our focus, we can examine the western area. Land features are not very well explained by uniformitarian geology, but fit global Flood geology quite nicely. Let's take a look.
The geology of south-west Western Australia is characterized by exposed continental cratons, thick sedimentary deposits, vertical crustal tectonics, and widespread erosion. The timing of these features can be connected to the sequence of hydraulic and tectonic processes that occurred during the biblical Flood. The period during which the waters of Noah’s Flood were rising on the earth was marked by widespread deposition of thick sediments across the continent. The following period, when the waters of the Flood receded into the newly forming oceans, was dominated by erosion that planed kilometres of sediment from the cratons. The transition between these two periods was marked by vertical tectonics, initiating the opening of the Indian Ocean, the uplift of the continent, and the return of the floodwaters into the sea. This Flood interpretation was facilitated by connecting the processes identified in a biblical geological model with published geological cross-sections and other geological data for the region.
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