Sneaky Eugenics Conference

Back in the early 20th century, social Darwinism had a branch of "science" called eugenics. People wanted to be all sciency and stuff, so they accepted this method of evolutionary thinking. Essentially, the "unfit" were forcibly sterilized, or at least strongly discouraged from reproducing. Racist Maggie Sanger started Planned Parenthood to help eliminate black people through eugenics. Eventually, Hitler took eugenics to its logical conclusion, which caused folks to shy away from that pseudoscience for a while.

Eugenics is still with us, but sometimes adherents choose to be deceptive
Colorized version of the International Eugenics Conference logo
But since evil Darwinian thinking persists, eugenics never completely went away. Some owlhoots try to deny social Darwinism, and even make up their own "facts":

This is the opposite of the truth. Liar? Uninformed? Anxious to contradict the st00pid creationist?
My vote is the first and third: lying, and desiring to contradict. Especially since he deleted the
Tweet after I said I would use it after I caught him lying; he deleted it and blocked me.

Sometimes, eugenics hides under different names (sort of like atheists calling themselves "brights" and so forth), but it's still just putting lipstick on a pig. Recently, a "London Conference on Intelligence" was held, but it was just another eugenics conference. Dishonesty promoting evolutionary thinking is consistent with such a wicked worldview, but some folks objected. Interesting, did anyone ask who decides the criteria as to who is unfit, and why? They don't seem to consider that life was designed by God, and that we are created in his image.
A breaking news story by the London Student in early January exposed a “secret” eugenics conference held annually at University College London (UCL) since 2014. The article clearly expressed indignation over the idea that some people still advocate for state-manipulated human reproductive practices. But similar outrage over the same disregard for human life sanctioned by the Roe v. Wade (1973) decision 45 years earlier on January 22 was strikingly absent from the report.
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