Esoteric Evolutionism Eliminates Science

Evolution itself is not the invention of Charles Darwin, but instead, is an ancient pantheistic religion that Darwin got all gussied up and put forward as science. His ideas have been adjusted for over 150 years because they do not work. As we have seen in several recent posts, Darwin's disciples are becoming increasingly unscientific and mystical in their pseudoscience.

Evolutionists are conjuring up weird ideas about religious consciousness
Credit: Pixabay / arturo_ngeek
Natural selection is not understood by evolutionists, and some are putting forward a version that is loaded with mystical overtones. Evolutionists conjure up forces as unscientific rescuing devices to cover the failures of scientists' conjectures. There are more, but let's take a gander at some really fun stuff. Fun, if you're into weirdness masquerading as science.

Secularists cannot account for the origin of life (often trying to distance themselves from it, dishonestly claiming it has "nothing to do with evolution"). Nor can they account for consciousness (or the soul) itself, although they try to find the source of it in the brain. 

Now scientists are showing their desperation to avoid the Creator's truth by invoking something similar to "The Force", New Age religious notions, or maybe some American Indians' Manitou religion where everything has some degree of consciousness. What are Darwin's handmaidens smoking, anyway? The idea has no science, and is entirely based on blind faith. 

In addition, evolutionary thinking has not only hindered real science over the years, this kind of strangeness hollers "Whoa!" to science itself! Atheists and evolutionists arbitrarily define science as naturalism, and even if the logical conclusion is that the Master Engineer designed an organism (or that Darwin was wrong from the get-go), it is not science by their assertions. See how that works? It's who they are, and how they hijack science.
Evolutionary secularists often fancy themselves as hard-nosed empiricists who are immune to the allures of “magical” thinking. However, as the inadequacies of materialistic naturalism become more and more obvious, we shouldn’t be surprised to see them embracing mystical ideas—a trend noted by ICR founder Dr. Henry M. Morris more than 30 years ago.

The origin of life and the origin of consciousness are arguably the two most difficult things for evolutionists to explain. They must insist that life somehow came from non-living chemicals even though there is zero experimental evidence for this.
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