Engineered Adaptability through Logic

Some folks get a mite intimidated by the subject of logic, expecting highfalutin philosophical lingo and such. We are not going into that, even though it can be interesting. Everyone uses logic, but most do not even realize it. It is also the basis of computers and other electronic equipment.

Darwin was wrong. Instead of organisms responding to "pressures" that cause change, they were designed to adapt. Living things even use logic switches, all the way down to the cellular level!
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The basis for logic in electronics is very binary. Zero or one, on or off, yes or no, and so on. Contingencies are built on that ("If yes, then do this thing, else do something else") based on the sophistication of programs. It is amazing that living things have built-in logic systems.

The continuous environmental tracking (CET) model that is being designed by the Institute for Creation Research is demonstrating that Darwin was wrong. He utilized pantheism, such as external "forces", natural selection, and vague "pressures" to cause organisms to evolve. In reality, organisms are designed to adapt by the Master Engineer through internal mechanisms. Living creatures have internal logic switches all the way down to the cellular level.
When it comes to the biological function of adaptability, ICR’s model hypothesizes that if human engineers can use a tracking system to detect and maintain surveillance of a moving target, then creatures could employ a similar strategy to track and adapt to changing conditions. Human-engineered tracking systems incorporate three well-matched elements: input sensors, programmed logic mechanisms to regulate an internal selection of adaptable responses, and output “actuators” to execute responses.

Research demonstrates that organisms utilize these same elements to track changing conditions and produce highly regulated, targeted results that are typically characterized as rapid and repeatable.1 A previous article in this series discussed the key role of the sensors creatures use to track changing conditions. Three take-home lessons were:
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