The Next Ice Age

Some of us are old enough to remember when people were on news programs and interviews discussing the impending, irreversible ice age. They talked about how bad things would be, doom and gloom, all that nonsense. Then they changed their tune and started talking about global warming and ignoring important evidence so cultists like Bill Nye and his followers could spread fear and push for globalization. Al Gore was getting money and attention, but was way off in his predictions. Under the global climate change moniker, they can have it all: global warming and an ice age.

Before the global warming hysteria, we were given alarming promises of a coming ice age.
Credit: Pixabay / Natalia Kollegova
Secular scientists and compromising old earth Christians believe that there have been several ice ages in the earth's past. However, they cannot agree as to methods and mechanisms for it, especially since an ice age cannot be caused simply by colder temperatures. They cannot give a reasonable prediction of coming disasters.

The most common "evidence" is found in the astronomical (Milankovitch) theory, which relies on a paper that has been discredited. Biblical creation science models rely on the Genesis Flood, which includes volcanoes and plate tectonics. The global Flood will not happen again, we have God's promise on that, so there will not be another ice age. Let's get some things straightened out.
I remember the first time I saw the movie The Day After Tomorrow. I was fairly young, with a wild imagination, so when our community experienced a hailstorm shortly after, I thought we were about to experience another ice age. (I even started planning how my family and I would survive.) Now, years later, with a more informed understanding of the science behind the (actual) Ice Age, I am convinced that there is no reason to fear we will experience another ‘big freeze’. Unfortunately, most people don’t know what caused the Ice Age, and that only the biblical creation model explains it. This has resulted in some (I think unwarranted) panic and confusion on issues like ‘global warming’ and whether or not the earth is heading into another ice age as in the above movie. Let’s put those worries to rest.
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