Our Stupid Evolutionary Ancestors

If you study on it, you might realize that human evolution scenarios are insulting to our intelligence. According to Darwin's disciples, our alleged ancestors were on this here planet for a mighty long time. They must have been dense as fence posts because they basically did nothing since they arrived — didn't bother to invent fence posts, even. Or develop agriculture. That goes against human nature, old son. 

Evolutionists insult our intelligence by claiming that after humans evolved, they did nothing for a few hundred thousand years.
Image provided by Why?Outreach, caveman insert from openclipart and modified
Evolutionists make a number of excuses when spinning yarns about our ancestors. Have your intelligence insulted and accept it because evolution. Ignore the fact that Neanderthals never were the dim-witted creatures that evolutionists pretended, but were upgraded to fully human (but "archaic") humans. Some of these tinhorns actually try to make climate change a factor in evolution. Kind of makes you lose your faith in Darwin, doesn't it? We were created recently, and the first man and woman were very intelligent, as were their descendants. Decay began shortly afterward, which may explain the lack of reasoning abilities in supposedly educated people.
Knowing what we know about human beings, ask if the Darwinian story is credible. In just 6,000 years of recorded history, humans went from grass shacks to the moon, computers, and supersonic flight. Darwinians, by contrast, say that nobody ever thought of a farm, a permanent dwelling, or a domesticated animal for at least 50 times as long! They believe that modern humans, as anatomically and mentally as capable as any of us, subsisted in caves as hunter-gatherers for over 300,000 years. And if you add in the Neanderthals, Denisovans, and Homo erectus (all upright-walking tool makers with controlled use of fire, capable of long-distance migration), they stretch human history back over a million years, approaching 200 times the length of human civilization! How can anybody believe that? Our ancestors would have to be complete idiots to go that long without ever inventing anything better than stone tools. Was there no Einstein or Edison among them?
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