Incredible Preservation of Lung Tissue

The subject of well-preserved soft tissues in dinosaurs is fascinating (and also infuriating for dust-to-diplodocus evolutionists). Reports of these discoveries in other critters are also noteworthy. Evolutionists have to work from deep time presuppositions, so they are flustered by discoveries that do not fit their worldview.

A bird fossil with remarkably-well preserved soft tissues was found in "dinosaur era" rocks. This further refutes the  dinosaur-to-bird evolution concept.
Archaeorhynchus fossil image credit: Wikimedia Commons / Ghedoghedo (CC by-SA 4.0)
One "impossible" fossil discovery is of an arthropod where bits of neural tissue were preserved. Stormie Waters told me that there is considerable consternation up at the Darwin Ranch about another fossil find: a bird. Whether or not scientists are using fossil loosely, to mean permineralized or if the tissues themselves were intact. Either way, soft tissues are delicate things, and a true bird with avian lungs in the "dinosaur age" exists. The feathers were looking mighty good, too. This further refutes the dinosaur-to-bird evolution concept. Both dinosaurs and birds were created recently, evolution is not a factor. Yippie ky yay, secularists!
For the first time, soft tissue showing details of lung structure have been found in a fossil bird said to be 120 million years old.

PNAS just printed a paper with another soft-tissue bombshell: Wang et al., “Archaeorhynchus preserving significant soft tissue including probable fossilized lungs.” It’s not the first fossil of Archaeorhynchus spathula, a pigeon-sized bird sporting a fantail and avian lungs. It’s also not the first fossil with probable lung tissue. It is, however, the first fossil showing details of avian lung tissue so well-preserved as to determine the lung structure. The soft tissue traces appear in pairs, supporting the idea that they are preserved lungs rather than other organs.
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