Secular Miracles for the Big Bang

If you use a common but erroneous secular definition of miracle as meaning, "Something is impossible, but it happens anyway", then Big Bang stories are loaded with them. The original Big Bang has been patched together like a Frankenstein's monster and has little resemblance to the original tale. Since it does not work, secularists resort to Making Things Up™ and buffaloing the public with cosmic evolution stories.

The Big Bang does not work. To rescue it, secularists use propaganda and appeal to their own version of "miracles".
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Atheists have their own secular "miracles", and secular cosmologists add ponies to the miracle corral as well. Apparatchiks will come up with big talk about how the Big Bang has answers to all sorts of cosmogony questions — except when they don't. For that matter, they invoke bad science and secular miracles to explain the origin of our lil' ol' solar system.) Quite a lot of work to deny the work of the Creator.
A leading cosmologist’s account of the current big bang theory makes no sense unless the hearer is already committed to believing it.

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Sutter is an astrophysicist at Ohio State University, and a popularizer of astronomy for radio, tours and magazines. He begins with his typical dramatic flair, glamorizing the big bang theory . . .
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Maybe you have been in a situation where someone makes a presentation, talks up his project or widget, gets everybody excited, then says, “There’s just one little problem….” He proceeds to mention a difficulty that is fatal to the project, undermining all the prior hype. That’s what Sutter does next:
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