Searching for Space Aliens Increasingly Preposterous

Once again, the hands at the Darwin Ranch over at Deception Pass have been gnawing on the peyote buttons. Huge amounts of money are being spent on SETI and other efforts to find their imaginary friends: space aliens. They reckon that if intelligent life is out there, wants to be found, and has a hankering to talk with us, that would justify their faith in evolution and rejection of the Creator.

The SETI cult is getting more outlandish in its unscientific speculations.
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After all, since life cannot happen by chance here, so it must have happened out there and made its way here later. That does not solve the abiogenesis problem. I heard a phrase that applies: they're just kicking the can down the road. The SETI people are acting like a cult, using intelligently-designed equipment to search for signs of intelligence from creatures that were supposedly not formed by intelligence.

A "study" suggests that aliens might be purple. Why is that? What is the evidence, since nobody has actually had one come up and say, "Howdy! I'm not from around these parts, I'm from way far away up yonder." The MeerKAT radio telescope array is going to be more accurate in searching for — they don't rightly know. No, wait! Dark matter and dark energy (occult forces of physics that have never been seen) may have the answer. Some French folks say that just because we don't find aliens, that doesn't mean they aren't there. Funny how ghost searchers can't use that logic, or if we use it on atheists who reject evidence for God, they ridicule the statement.

That interstellar asteroid ‘Oumuamua cruised within telescope range and then took off for parts unknown. Scientists still do not know what it is, especially since it didn't move in an expected manner. Is it an asteroid? A comet? Maybe it's an alien probe that's just passing through. Or a different kind of alien spacecraft that was using a kind of sail technology. Could it be a probe using a sail?

You can read about these items and more by clicking on "SETI: A Fact-Free Occult Cult with Money". Also recommended: "The Origin of Life Circus Adds Old and New Acts". Remember, people get paid for making unsupportable statements and calling them "science", especially when it promotes the Bearded Buddha.