Genome Evolution Train Wreck

In another post, I mentioned how the head honcho at the Darwin Ranch wants to bring in anger management experts. Fossils are being uncooperative with evolutionary views, and the staff are on the prod lately. Geology has been shown to be an ally of recent creation. Now they have broken open the fire water at the Ranch. The study of genetics, pioneered by Gregor Mendel (peas be upon him), is also supportive of biblical creation science.

Another train wreck for evolutionists is the human genome.
If interested, you can find the original 1895 photo at Wikimedia Commons,
and the source of the DNA image is at openclipart
Using bad science, the human genome was falsely declared to be loaded with "junk" DNA. Scientists who actually wanted to do something useful instead of making up tall tales to "prove" evolution undertook the ENCODE project, and learned that most of DNA is not junk. That's what creationists have been saying all along. Of course, some scientists reject the findings because evolution. Gotta keep that narrative going and deny the Creator his due, you know. 

The belief system previously resembled the idea that our genome was just coasting, waiting to be touched by the wand of the evolution fairy. Recent findings are refuting evolution right down to the genome.
A new study just came out that analyzed vast amounts of data from human genome samples from all over the world. Based on the evolutionists’ own theoretical model of evolution, 95% of the human genome is “restrained”—it can’t evolve.

According to the popular neutral model of evolutionary theory, much of the human genome is nothing but randomly evolving junk. All of this so-called neutral DNA that is allegedly not under any “selective restraint” only serves as fodder for functional new genes and traits to somehow magically arise and thus provide the engine of evolution.
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