The Science of Cuteness

Most of us have probably had the experience of approaching a group of people that are raving about how something is so cute and adorable. They are often excited about a baby, whether human or otherwise, or a pet. Those adjectives are subjective; cutness is often in the eye of the beholder. However, we seem to have an innate reaction to young'uns. Part of this may be a reaction to their helplessness.

Basement Cat is "cute-ing", as I call it.
Cat experts claim that laying on the back like this is a sign of trust and contentment.
Aside from making with the cooing sounds, responding to something we find as cute actually has an emotionar reaction within us to protect, and also releases the hormone oxytocin, which is good for us.  Proponents of universal common ancestor evolution basically say EvolutionDidIt in their homage to Darwin, but they really have no idea why we react to cuteness.

Biblical creationists have a far different take on our reactions. Before I continue, I want to mention that when I submitted an article, I was cautioned against asserting that a benefit (in this case, our response to cuteness) is really the result of the Master Engineer's design. We can infer and draw from other lines of reasoning, but should be careful about asserting too forcefully. That said, there are indications that our Creator did indeed have a purpose for our responses. One of these is that he facilitates relationships, and wants us to have empathy for creatures under our care.
How did you respond the last time you saw an adorable bunny, a rambunctious kitty, a big-eyed bear cub, or a delightful puppy? Your warm feelings are no accident. Scientists are discovering that everyone (or nearly everyone) has them.

. . .

Meanwhile, the pet industry is booming. Other organizations are dedicated entirely to rescuing abused animals. Commercials tug at our heart-strings and provoke outrage simply by showing a needy animal.

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Have you ever wondered why we find certain animals so adorable? Interestingly, this question has spurred much curiosity in both the creation and evolution communities. The evolutionist wonders what survival benefits “adorable” imparts to an organism. A creationist wonders if the Creator intentionally included cute in His plan for creation.
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