Dinosaurs Had No Evolutionary Past

According to universal common descent evolution, everything has a lineage. When pressed for evidence of this, secularists will present stories, speculations, museum pieces based on speculations, and a passel of vague terms. When you cross-check these things with your Charles Darwin Club Secret Decoder Ring™, the answer is, "Ain't got a clue".

there is no fossil evidence for dinosaur evolution
Credit: Pixabay / Marek Jackowski
The word has been out there, as a few secular scientists have admitted that there is no fossil history for dinosaur evolution. Biblical creationists have found a few of these reluctant confessions. A more significant, recent study has announced this same fact: no evidence of dinosaur evolution. Of course, they use some rescuing devices and circular reasoning to try to escape the fact that dinosaurs were recently created and not the product of millions of years of evolution. But those they are simply using the scientific principle of Making Things Up™ to salvage their narrative.


When there is no history of dinosaur evolution, many evolutionists are still willing to indulge in fact-free speculation that dinosaurs evolved into birds. The concept often leaves out important facts, and we still do not have evidence. Some of these jaspers still think that Archaeopteryx is a transitional form, though that has been largely refuted for decades. When desperate to preserve status of the Darwin death cult, uneducated ideologues call creationary scientists "liars" and play word games while engaging in selective citing and yes, ignoring information that gets them on the prod.
Based on a survey of Italian dinosaur tracks and fossils, a team of European scientists claims that dinosaurs evolved around 245 million years ago but remained rare until a “dinosaur diversification event” some 13 million years later, about 232 million years ago.

The study’s lead author, Dr. Massimo Bernardi of the University of Bristol, says, “We had been studying the footprints in the Dolomites [rock sequences in northern Italy] for some time, and it’s amazing how clear cut the change from ‘no dinosaurs’ to ‘all dinosaurs’ was.”
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