Planet-Sized Deflector Shields?

Planet Earth is protected by a "Star Trek" - like shield in space? Seems to be. More evidence of the Creator's work to keep us safe.

In the early days of space exploration, belts of radiation were detected around Earth. They were named the Van Allen belts. Their structure has been studied for a long time, but scientists were a mite surprised to learn that there is a shield in there that protects Earth from dangerous radiation. It's been likened to stuff from "Star Trek".

More and more, we keep seeing that there's just something special about our own planet (such as how Saturn's tilt and orbit affect life here, and that gamma-ray bursts should have already exterminated life on our world according to evolutionary reckoning.) The unique properties of Earth, our solar system and more seem to make the search for life in the great unknown even less likely. Secularists are baffled by this, can't figure out how it evolved, which is a common happening in space studies these days. It is another case of seeing the design of the Creator but refusing to admit it. He has safety measures in place and watches over our planet. How much more amazing it is that he cares about you and me!
On January 30, 1958, the U.S. launched its first orbiting satellite, Explorer 1. On board was a geiger counter instrument developed by James Van Allen and his team from the University of Iowa. The counter went “off the charts” at a certain altitude, measuring an unexpected level of radiation. Further flights isolated this high energy radiation to two belts above the Earth, named the Van Allen Radiation Belts in his honor. It was the first major scientific discovery of the space race, after the Russians had successfully launched two Sputnik probes and the dog Laika in late 1957.

Now, 56 years after their discovery, physicists have discovered that the Van Allen belts have a new function: protecting Earth. Nature reported it this week. Between the inner and outer belts is an “impenetrable” barrier that shields the Earth from the solar wind’s highest-energy electrons:
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