Evolution, the Disreputable Girlfriend of Science

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen

Although science is a tool for interpreting observable evidence, people treat it like an entity, such as in the expression "science says". Scientists say, not science, but we can work with this later. Science is used by fallible humans who have biases and make mistakes, sometimes clinging to bad ideas despite evidence.

Science has a girlfriend known as Evolution. She has caused many problems for Science, but he will not send her packing.
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For example, the phlogiston theory of combustion was disproved but it took a while before it was put out to pasture. Ignaz Semmelweis demonstrated that medical people needed to wash their hands before touching patients, but his evidence was rejected for many years. The views of Charles Darwin gained acceptance despite contrary evidence, which includes deep time in geology and also cosmic evolution.

Evolution is the girlfriend of ill-repute of Science. They go to parties together, and Science uses Evolution to impress people. However, Evolution is unfaithful and even invites her brother Scientism over for long visits, drinking all the fire water, stealing the rent money, and trashing the place. Bad company corrupts good morals, and even brings down mediocre morals. Science need to tell Evolution to pack her grip and get out, but he's too infatuated with the pleasures she brings. Which is weird, because Science and Evolution fight quite a bit, but neither of them notice.

Yes, I know, the above paragraph is a sardonic example of reification, but I used it to make a point. People believe in deep time, biological and chemical evolution, and adhere to Scientism despite contrary (or absent) evidence, not because of it. Things are presented as science that are risible, but Darwin's Flying Monkeys™ spread speculations as if they were actual scientific evidence of something. Sorry, old son, but there are many things unknown to science despite the posturing and guesswork of scientists. Savvy that?

Begging the question (using evolution to prove evolution) and materialistic presuppositions give rise to some stories that should give the public the giggles. Unfortunately, critical thinking is not taught enough in the public indoctrination centers, so people fall for what scientists say. Someone with healthy skepticism should ask questions (even to themselves) and spot the materialistic presuppositions involved — extra credit for knowing the science that is being ignored.

Here are a few examples:

  • We can see extraterrestrials because they will have evolved the ability to glow special colors for their protection.
  • Climate change is making populations of angry spiders.
  • Because microbes attach themselves to sand and disperse, that's how live is spread on Mars.
You can read about these and more examples of bad science by clicking on "Unrestrained Speculation in Darwin Fantasyland". In addition, I suggest "What Science Doesn't Know" and "Evolution vs Science". Science needs to get rid of that Evolution girlfriend, and scientists should humble themselves before the Creator, who is the source of true wisdom.