The Tower of Babel and Evolutionary Thinking

Many sciences are infested with the bedbugs of evolutionary thinking, including anthropology and archaeology. People who work in these fields assume deep time and evolution for the interpretation of data. Those of use who presuppose the truth of the biblical timeline watch as they are frequently surprised by their discoveries. 

Secular researchers are continually surprised by their discoveries, especially since they validate the biblical timeline back to Babel and beyond.
De "Weinig" Toren van Babel by Pieter Bruegel the Elder, 1563
When discoveries are made that conflict with the current dogma, they send a telegram to the hands at the Darwin Ranch near Deception Pass and have them get to work on the problem. (In fact, they are having a retreat at Biden's Eye, famous for its red color at this time of year, to discuss the problems.) Darwin's disciples fudge the data by redating this, that, and the other thing to accommodate new findings. Or they let the ancient aliens folks with their evolutionary thinking saddle it up and gallop away with the facts.

Humans were not stupid creatures who hadn't yet shaken off their simian ancestry. Instead, they were created fully human, and fully intelligent. The discovery of a civilization with advanced building techniques, a semblance of religion, languages, commerce, and more would not startle and threaten biblical creationists. However, archaeology and anthropology, when correctly interpreted without Darwinian shackles, support the biblical timeline all the way back to Babel — and beyond.
The story begins in the southern region of ancient Mesopotamia where 30 massive structures have been discovered that archeologists describe as towers of worship. These huge structures resemble flat top pyramids and were masterfully constructed of bricks made of clay. These buildings had stairs and ramps leading to the highest elevation where a platform was built for the worship of idols.

These temples have been identified as ziggurats. They were designed with equal sides representing the shape of a square. They ranged from 20 meters (65 ft.) to over 90 meters (295 ft.) high, and they were tiered with the roof being a place for the gods to dwell and receive man’s adoration. These towering edifices, dating from the 3rd millennium BC, demonstrate an amazingly high degree of masonry craftsmanship. These structures have never been found before this time and, more importantly, they demonstrate the sudden emergence of human civilization. The advanced level of engineering, architecture and community discovered around these ziggurats is contrary to what evolutionists believe with regard to the development of man.
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