Loss of Flight Claimed as Evidence for Evolution

Like cattle rustlers who refuse to admit that they got lost riding the wrong trail in the dark, Darwin's disciples keep claiming that they have evidence for evolution where none exists. It is both pathetic and amusing when they deny their own belief system and claim that loss of traits shows onward and upward evolution.

Evolutionists claim that loss of traits is evidence of their beliefs. A bird called the white-throated rail lost its ability to fly, but they actually show evidence for creation.
Cropped from Wikimedia Commons / Francesco Veronesi (CC by-SA 2.0)
One of the most giggle-worthy examples of this is the use of troglomorphism, the loss of sight and pigmentation in cave animals (see this article, Part 1 and Part 2). Another example is a flightless bird called the white-throated rail.

"Are these people for rail, Cowboy Bob?"

Don't do that.

Supposedly, flight evolved several times in different ways, even though evolutionists really have no idea how it happened. Stuff happens — it's a law, you know. Instead of the hallucinations of the Darwinian elite, observations actually work against evolution and support special creation.
A recent paper in an esteemed zoology journal caused a stir in the science media. Its authors claim that fossils of a species of bird called the white-throated rail . . . show evidence for the repeated loss of flight in this bird in several islands in the southwest Indian Ocean near the island of Madagascar.  . . . 
What is special about these species of birds is that the loss of flight capabilities has occurred several times rapidly, under specific conditions. These include the lack of land predators and other animals which could compete with the birds, principally for food. The authors of this paper claim that flightlessness has “evolved” several times. The online journal Science Daily reports these findings as birds coming back from the dead. But is this really a demonstration of de-evolution followed by re-evolution actually happening? What is really going on here?
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