More Dinosaur Soft Tissues, More Excuses

Dinosaur soft tissues is a bane of old-earth beliefs, and they just keep on rolling in. Researchers were mighty careful in collecting these new ones, possibly to avoid possible criticism. The collecting and examining was apparently thorough, but the results obtained got Rusty Swingset (the foreman at the Darwin Ranch) on the prod.

Researchers found several dinosaurs and more of those annoying soft tissues. They could not address the issue, but the biblical timeline fits the findings.

Their report ignored the woolly mammoth in the room. That is, how can they have soft tissues after so many Darwin years had supposedly passed? One suggestion was that there was iron in the area, and yee haw boy howdy, iron is a preservative, right? It may has some effect, but the tissues should not be lasting for such a long time. Maybe it's global warming.

Plug in the creation science timeline of thousands of years, and the data make sense, and there is no excuse. But Rusty wants his deep time so evolution can continue, and never mind the Creator.
A trio of scientists used sterile techniques to collect 17 dinosaur fossils. They searched deep inside the specimens for original, still-soft tissue remnants. What did they find?
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All told, 20 samples included bone, ossified (hardened) tendon fragments, and a lone tooth. The researchers collected samples from various depths, including a few that had already washed onto the surface. The team dissolved the hard mineral from their samples, then analyzed any soft tissues that remained. Their photographs showed bone cells called osteocytes, blood vessels, and connective tissues called fibrous matrix.
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