Evolution and Back Pain

My friend Stormie Waters was in a discussion with her friend Ruby Slippers about back pain. They rode on over to my spread and wondered if I knew about it. So I commenced to doing what any cowboy would do, and looked up back ailments from reliable sources.

Evolutionists have a fact-free story about the origin of back pain that hinders medical science. The truth is far more sensible.
Credit: Freeimages / kubelik2
The story goes that people who have back pain can blame it on evolution, as we got up from walking on all fours too soon. Evidence? Loose associations, circular reasoning, and especially Darwinian presuppositions. This is another area where evolutionary thinking has hindered medical science.

There are all sorts of treatments suggested and prescribed, but they do not help. In fact, some are even harmful. There are secular scientists who are catching onInstead, medical doctors and scientists would be far more helpful if they realized that we were created, not evolved, and there are more effective ways of alleviating pain. That is good news for me because there is seldom a day that goes by where I am not hurting.
The headline of the latest New Scientist says it all, “The back pain epidemic: Why popular treatments are making it worse,” adding, “Chronic back pain is on the rise – in part because the way we treat it often does more harm than good. It’s time to think differently about our aches.” The problem is not small. Up to 90% of all Americans suffer at least one debilitating episode of back pain during their lives.  Furthermore, back pain is one of the leading causes of disability around the world. In the U.S. alone, it costs 635 billion dollars a year in medical bills and loss of productivity.
To finish reading and learning, click on "Evolution Did Not Cause Back Pain". Although the article is more thorough, the short video below is also helpful: