Java Man, Peking Man, and Other False Transitions

Charles Darwin and his followers have long believed that human ancestors emerged from Africa, but that concept has been threatened by evidence (see "Out of Africa? Not Exactly!" and "Evolutionists Get a Kick Out of Footprints"). The alleged "transitional form" between apelike creatures and man, H. erectus, has cased considerable consternation.

Evolutionists discuss H. erectus, but this guy was not only dubious at best, the fossils and such that they do have cause serious problems to the evolutionary timeline.
H. erectus ergaster image credit: Wikimedia Commons / Luna04 (CC by-SA 3.0)
Homo, meaning man, and erectus, meaning upright, was the name given to "archaic humans" that were supposedly evolving from critters into upright-walking humans. You may have read about early versions such as Java Man and Peking Man (whose bones disappeared). He also had many traits of intelligence,  and will probably become accepted as fully human, just like Neanderthals.

H erectus has several fossils scattered over a large area (and a passel of reconstructions in museums and such), but he puts a burr under the saddles of evolutionists because he overlaps the dates assigned to Australopithecus, and many fossils are nowhere near Africa. That's because atoms-to-anthropologist evoporn is wrong, and the truth remains that we were created far more recently than secularists want to believe.
The archaic human species Homo erectus has been portrayed as an important ape-to-man transitional link. However, these fossils don’t provide any real evidence of evolution. Many paleontologists and a majority of creationists think their unusual features are nothing more than variants of human traits and not transitional at all. Even more, some of them have been found in remote isolated island locations far from Africa and dated by secular calculations at up to 1.9 million years old. This completely derails the evolutionary story that humans migrated out of Africa just a few hundred thousand years ago. A biblical model of human origins provides a much better fit for the data.
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