Whale Hybrid Baffles Evolutionists, Affirms Creation

The hands at the Darwin Ranch are amazed because DNA testing on a whale skull demonstrated that it was a hybrid between beluga "sea canary" whales and narwhal whales with that long pointy tooth. According to evolutionary mythology, the belwhal should never exist.

A hybrid between a narwhal and beluga whale should not exist according to evolutionary mythology. However, it supports biblical creation science.
Narwhal Illustration,William Scoresby, 1820
You see, the narwhal and beluga supposedly split in their ancestry millions of Darwin years ago, so all those confounded mutations should have made interbreeding impossible. It happened anyway (they didn't consult evolutionists before getting frisky in the Arctic waters). However, this is not all that surprising for biblical creationists. Indeed, it supports baraminology (the study of the biblical created kinds). This gives rise to many varieties.
Three unusual-looking whales were caught in Greenland by Inuit hunters in the late 1980s—unlike any the Inuit had ever seen. Each was an even grey colour, with flippers like those of belugas, and tails like those of narwhals.

One of their skulls was preserved; a DNA study has now identified it as a first-generation hybrid between a male beluga and a female narwhal—a ‘belwhal’. . . Evolutionary biologist Eline Lorenzen called it “the first and only evidence in the world that these two Arctic whale species can interbreed.”
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