Ancient Israeli City Surprises Experts

Much of Israel has not been excavated by archaeologists because people are living there. The unexpected discovery of an ancient city during road construction proved to be both fascinating and startling to many people. It also does not comport with evolutionary thinking.

An ancient city in Israel called En Esur was discovered. It was large, advanced, and the opposite of evolutionary expectations.
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Sure, archaeologists work on settlements all the time, but this one was a city. Not a settlement or even a village, but a very big city. They found all sorts of evidence of intelligent human work and organization, and for people who built this place long before the time of Abraham, it does not fit "primitive" man ideas of Darwinists. However, aside from tenuous dating methods from secularists, it does fit with the biblical timeline, including recent creation and the dispersal after Babel.
One of the earliest archaeological sites ever found in Israel is being described as the ‘New York’ of its day.

Archaeologists from the Israel Antiquities Authority have been excavating a fascinating site in Israel north of the city of Tel Aviv called En Esur. It was discovered two and a half years ago during construction of roadworks. This week, the researchers made their findings public. It’s an Early Bronze Age site they estimate was built 5,000 years ago, contemporaneous with the first Egyptian pharaohs. That’s not all; the site shows another occupation at the site 2,000 years earlier. Here are some of the news sites announcing the find with photos and descriptions:
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