Still no Evolution in Antibiotic Resistance

One of the most frequently used false claims for fish-to-pharmacist evolution is antibiotic resistance, but what is seen is most definitely not evolution. What we do see is something akin to natural selection because antibiotics kill off some strains but leave others that are resistant. Then we have the problem of superbugs.

New research gives us further reasons to reject the evolutionary icon that antibiotic resistance is proof of evolution.
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The ghost of Charles Darwin is rattling chains in the halls of academia and science labs (and starting the occasional dumpster fire), moaning piteously about his eternal destiny and trying to keep his disciples away from the truth. They don't need his help to reject the Creator, their own hard hearts can take care of that. This "evidence for evolution" is based on outdated and incomplete science coupled with plenty of hubris and wishful thinking. Some of our microbes already have antibiotic resistance. (For that matter, some people groups also have it!) New research shows that bacteria can share genetic information similar to an analogy of passing around books. The cholera bacterium isn't content to read books, it steals DNA information.

The article linked below uses several sources from the Intelligent Design community. While they do excellent work refuting Darwinism, the ID movement does not go far enough. Our Creator is revealed in the Bible, and we need to learn who he is and what he has to say. Medical science would be better off by far by dropping Darwin and realizing that our Creator designed organisms for their purposes and to determine what those are. It's past time to drop the evolutionary "Stuff Happens Law" that interferes with real science.
Growing evidence undermines commonly-cited examples of evolution happening right before our eyes.
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Evolutionists glibly present genes as playthings of some mystical Tinkerer that cobbles things together to see what comes up. One example they have often cited is the “evolution of antibiotic resistance.” In creation-evolution debates, some evolutionists have used the “evolution of antibiotic resistance” as prime evidence for evolution happening right before our eyes. The argument usually goes that Darwinism has no problem inventing new functions from scratch.
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