Lunar Water Cannot Last Billions of Years

My soda was warm, so I wanted to stop by the moon and get some ice. I stopped by one of the hidey-hole craters and it was gone, having been smashed and scattered by a meteoroid or something. Another error for deep time, ice on the moon is not forever.

Secular scientists believe the earth and moon to be billions of years old. It was bad enough to find water on the moon, but now they see it cannot last as long as they need.
Sure, these perspective things can be overused, but this one is pretty good.
Credit: Unsplash / Valery Sysoev
First they find water on the moon which threatens one of their lunar origin theories, now this.

Water ice gets tucked away where it is hidden from sunlight and the solar wind, and it is supposed to last a mighty long time. However, secular scientists did not take into account all the activity up there that spreads the ice around and causes it to get out of Dodge. Rescuing devices like comets and the like seem weak — desperate, even. The truth is that the earth, moon, and everything else were created a few thousand years ago.
The water detected on the moon by orbiters can only last thousands of years, not billions.

A NASA press release says, “Inside Dark, Polar Moon Craters, Water Not as Invincible as Expected, Scientists Argue.” An animation at the top shows why: meteoroids and the solar wind destroy it.
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