More Problems with Chemical Evolution

Although the law of biogenesis shows us that life only comes from existing life, Darwin's acolytes continue to experiment with chemical evolution. Even evolutionists generally admit that abiogenesis is pretty much impossible, but they keep on trying to displace the Creator.

Evolutionists keep trying to displace the Creator, this time with another attempt to explain the origin of life. The study was not very scientific.
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By the way, if someone tells you that the origin of life has nothing to do with evolution, he or she is misinformed, deluded, or lying outright. They try to back off from the OoL problem.

As is common with evolutionists, a recent study involved dealing from the bottom of the deck instead of playing the hand that they were dealt. That is, numerous assumptions were made, important information was circumvented, and a prairie schooner-full of "givens" had to be made. (Reading the article struck me that the scientist were acting similarly to when kids will play, "What if...?" and then building on those fantasies.) Worse, there was no actual science involved. They need to seriously consider the work of our Creator instead of chasing fool's gold.
The origin of life is a complicated biological problem for those that deny God’s existence. In fact, it is so much an issue that many naturalists refuse even to discuss it. Stephen J. Gould argued that biological evolution had nothing to do with origins. Other more recent scholars have echoed this, claiming “The theory of evolution, both currently and as first conceived by Darwin and Wallace, neither provides, nor requires, an explanation for the origin of life.” Yet many naturalists are also desperately trying to show how life could have originated from non-living materials. This is illustrated by the vast number of origin-of-life studies that have been published, over 78,000 as estimated from Google Scholar. This number includes two recent studies, which we will discuss in this paper, that attacked the origin of life problem from different angles and ended up at cross-purposes with one another.
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