Dinosaur Fossil in a Strange Mix

Rusty Swingset and the hands at the Darwin Ranch like to present the fossil record as an orderly progression of simple to more complex life forms. They get on the prod when someone points out that fossils are frequently out of order according to the evolution narrative.

Another fossil does not fit the evolutionary narrative. This dinosaur fossil from Japan supports the Genesis Flood.
Enhanced and cropped from Wikimedia Commons /andytang20 (CC by 2.5)
Point out to some tinhorns that some fossils are in the wrong place and mixed with other fossils, if you watch closely, you can see ghastly plumes of smoke rising from their heads like Ethel Rosenberg. Jumbled fossils support the Genesis Flood and rein in evolutionary excitement. In this case, a kind of Edmontosaurs in Japan caused a heap of excuse making. After all, they detest the truths of recent creation and the Genesis Flood.
Researchers published the hadrosaur’s detailed description in the online journal Scientific Reports and named the fossil Kamuysaurus japonicus. Hadrosaurs, known popularly as duck-billed dinosaurs, had plant-eating teeth and jaws and could walk either on their hind legs or on all four legs. Subtle differences justified this dinosaur’s new name, although it looks basically the same as Edmontosaurus-types found in North America, Russia, and China.

A Hokkaido University press release via EurekAlert noted that the remains were found in “marine deposits.” The team suggested that it “preferred to inhabit areas near the ocean.” Mingled fossils included sea creatures like “ammonoids, mosasaurs and a sea turtle.” The hadrosaur didn’t have fins or flippers, so what was it doing there?
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