Fossils but no Evolution — Again

Believers in universal common descent often claim that fossils support their views. Fossils are discovered, but there are still no undisputed transitional forms. They will point to fossils of critters that were much larger in the past, then cry "Darwin!" and release the dogs of evolution — when none exists.

Evolutionists cheer about fossils and claim they have evidence for their beliefs. Recent discoveries such as a ginat turtle fossil are hailed, but are actually nothing.
Original image from Pixno by Richard Segal
A mighty huge sea turtle fossil is bringing forward the bravado from fundamentalist evolutionists, saying that it gives insight into turtle evolution but they have to rewrite the science books again. They certainly have a passel of hubris. Then Darwin's Flying Monkeys™ troll social media proclaiming victory over creationists, but they are actually carrying bags of hot air brought on by global warming.

Moving on... A new tyrannosaur was dubbed the "Reaper of Death" and the faith that maybe they would get answers in the future (that ain't how science works, Hoss) was written. A bee fossil was found that was essentially the same as a modern bee. This is newsworthy? Not hardly! What would be real news to them is to take off their Darwin spectacles and then they could see that everything was created recently and that the Bearded Buddha was a fraud.

You can read about these and other findings (take note of the dodgy words these sidewinders use to convince the public, and maybe themselves, that they have evidence for evolution) by clicking on "Fossils: Where's the Evolution?".