Naturalism and Question Evolution Day

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen

Riders for the Darwin brand are usually committed to and presuppose naturalism, the belief that natural laws and processes are the only things that exist, as their foundation. Naturalism is essentially an atheistic view, so this is something with which we must contend on Question Evolution Day.

We see that evolutionists generally presuppose naturalism. From this they interpret evidence or even manipulate it to fit their views.
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QED is an existential threat to those who try to suppress intellectual and academic freedoms, as well as freedoms of speech and thought. Militant Darwinists who are riding herd do not tolerate their folks expressing doubt about evolution. Some who are safely established have done so, but they still imperil their careers and reputations in the secular science industry and academic institutions. Who will they please (John 12:43), and at what cost (Mark 8:36)?

Although there are secular scientists who have not heard of creation science and are taught to believe that evolution is the only possible view of origins, there are also militant evolutionists who promote their worldview at practically any cost. This includes ignoring the hard truth about fossils that are out of order (according to their schemes) and even denying that the fossil "record" has any problems.

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As we have seen numerous times, the issue of origins is not strictly about evidence. If that were the case, there would be no evolutionists. The commitment of the secular science industry to naturalism and materialism makes it difficult to get an evolutionist to consider the truth of creation — especially when they are manipulating the data to help them justify their rebellion against their Creator. Here are two related articles on this subject.
Because Darwinism is built on philosophical naturalism, evidence can be moved around as needed.

Evolutionists never seem worried about out-of-place fossils. Why is that? The reason is that the philosophy of naturalism is the driving force that keeps Darwinism going. Darwinians think like this: (1) Naturalism must be our worldview. (2) Darwinism seems to be the best theory within naturalism. (3) If problems are found in Darwinism, there isn’t any competition, so we can just shuffle parts of the story around. This non-falsifiable strategy allows them to believe in the Popeye Theory of Evolution (17 Aug 2019), the Cambrian explosion, and any other rearrangement as long as naturalism is preserved. Even a Precambrian rabbit could probably be accommodated by a sufficiently talented just-so storyteller.
To finish reading this first article and see the examples, click on "Darwinians Excuse Out-of-Order Fossils". There is one more article linked below.

In addition to indulging in storytelling and manipulating facts, these committed evolutionists will also resort to science of the gaps and evosplain their narrative by simply putting the fossils in the order that they prefer. (Of course, no consideration of the reality of the Genesis Flood is allowed.) Recent chicanery includes rewriting history for how Jurassic dinosaurs made their way from Africa to Europe, evolution went at full gallop after dinosaur extinction, the spines of mammals showed evolutionary changes — yep, naturalists play fast and loose to convince folks that their story is true and God was nowhere to be found. Assuming evolution to prove evolution is circular reasoning, old son. To read about all this, click on "Shoving Fossils Onto Darwin’s Timeline".