The Genesis Flood and Roman Concrete?

We have seen many examples of how evolutionary anthropology and chronological snobbery leads people to think that since we are living in a technologically advanced society, we is far more smarter than ancient folks. Neanderthals proved that wrong, but we can see that the ancient Romans were also intelligent.

Some ancient Roman concrete still exists today. The science they used is similar to sedimentation in the Genesis Flood.
Ancient Roman concrete wall image credit: Flickr / Xerones (CC by-NC 2.0)
Think about it. There are remnants of Roman construction that are a couple thousand years old or more, yet we have concrete buildings constructed by the cheapest bidder that may not last more than a few decades — even with above water. Those old boys way back then knew what they were doing, and this shows in their seaside construction. Similar scientific principles were used by the Romans can also be seen in sedimentation from the Genesis Flood!
The ancient Romans used a type of concrete that is far more durable in seaside applications than our modern concrete. Modern cement in constant contact with the sea eventually weakens, and the steel reinforcing inside then rusts as salty water travels into cracks in the structure. It takes only a few decades for the concrete to begin crumbling away.

However, Roman marine concrete actually cured into a very tough material identical to hard rock. Two millennia old Roman piers and breakwaters are still standing rock-solid today.
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