Denying the Order of Creation

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen

There are certain elements in our lives that, try as some people may, still reflect what our Creator has designed us to know. When we say that something is morally right or wrong, we are appealing to a higher authority. This may be simply the law or cultural trends, but we ultimately appeal to God's laws. Men and women are made to be different and complement each other in marriage. Despite notions to the contrary, the truth that is inside us (Rom. 2:15-16) still affirms the order of creation.

Despite the efforts of social activists, the order of creation and the design for marriage that God ordained still shows within people.
The Holy Family by Martin Schongauer, 1480 - 1490
Believers in universal common ancestor evolution are unable to cogently explain why sexual reproduction even exists. After all, it's a mite inefficient in an evolutionary worldview because asexual reproduction is better. The plan of our Creator was for marriage to be between one man and one woman.

In an episode of The Briefing, Dr. Mohler was discussing articles about what is called homosexual "marriage". Let me rein in for a moment and mention that you can call it marriage, but that does not make it so. (I can call this here computer a rutabaga but that does not change reality.) Sure, "gay marriage" has been legalized, but human courts are not the final arbiters of ultimate truth. Polyamory is not marriage, either. You savvy that? For the sake of convenience, I will call it marriage. By the way, how did the word gay get hijacked and redefined?

Before I so rudely interrupted myself, Dr. Mohler was discussing how people celebrated the legalization of what is called gay marriage. Some have even said that heterosexual couples can learn from them. Why? I am not interested in learning from secularists who are in rebellion against God's plan so my wife and I can "improve" our relationship. If changes are necessary, they will come from God's Word and biblical counseling.

It seems that there is less stress in gay marriage. If you study on it, that should not be such a surprise because the people who are together are the same sex with the same kind of "wiring". That is, men and women have different desires, ways of thinking, are designed with physical differences beyond reproductive organs, and more. There is by necessity stress between married men and women. We understand it and work with it.

At Christmas, we celebrate that Jesus was born of a virgin and was raised by Mary and her husband Joseph. Jesus was not born to Joseph and Judas through contrived artificial methods. Back in Genesis, God created Adam and Eve, and there was no "thrupple" with Bruce or Ellen.

Moral revolutionaries are attempting to destroy marriage — real marriage and the family unit that God designed. Some of them even admit that. 

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No matter how much social justice warriors and the "woke" jaspers object, God is there, he has a plan, and the truth is within us. It is expected that the rest of the world have a problem with biblical authority, but so do some professing Christians. When it is not actively suppressed (Rom. 1:18-32), the truth about the order of creation is still heard.

To hear or read Dr. Mohler's insightful comments that inspired this article, click on The Briefing for Monday, February 17, 2020. You'll thank me later.