Age of the Earth and Nuclear Fission Dating

We have examined radiometric dating on this site many times, and the article linked below provides some information that is inconvenient for those who believe in deep time. The age of the earth is calculated this way by testing meteorites, not rocks on Earth. However, the dating methods are unreliable.

Secularists confidently assert that they know the earth is billions of years old because of radiometric dating. However, the methods are actually unreliable.
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It should raise the suspicions of almost anyone that there are numerous dating methods used on rocks. This is because they are not consistent and have results that vary wildly with one another, and there are numerous assumptions that must be made. Creation scientists have done their own calculations and shown how secular systems are flawed. Further, a Genesis Flood model is a far better fit for the facts.
Have you ever pulled apart a large mass of taffy and watched it break into two approximately equal masses? This is an illustration of what happens in the subatomic world when a 238U or 235U atom undergoes splitting, or fission. Nuclear fission is often used to date rocks to millions or billions of years old. But are these methods valid?
To finish reading, click on "Nuclear Fission Dating Methods Are Unreliable". Also, you may like to hear the Scripture on Creation podcasts (about thirteen minutes each), "Too Much C-14 To Be Contamination. Part 1" and "Too Much C-14 To Be Contamination. Part 2", which refer to a much more technical article from the Creation Research Society, "Deep Time Philosophy Impacts Radiocarbon Measurements".