Creation and Biological Production Clocks

When an engineer is contracted for a project, many things must be established from the beginning. Production clocks are essential because a project would be chaotic if things were not done properly and in order. Embryonic clocks support a creation science model for biological engineering.

Embryonic clocks support a creation science model for biological engineering and show that our Creator knew what he was doing.
Credit: Freeimages / Frederic Carmel
In a study of chicken embryos, researchers saw that development progresses in a distinct order. There are several biological development clocks in organisms, some work faster, slower, adjust speeds, and more. They also sense conditions in their environments and adjust accordingly. This specified complexity cannot be explained by molecules-to-mother evolution, but makes complete sense when we realize that we have a Creator. This Creator has explained himself in the Bible.
Two recent findings in biology add confirmation that biological functions are best characterized by engineering principles. This research describes a number of sophisticated internal clocks that control the timing of key events during embryological development. These clocks are part of systems that function just like a construction schedule used to guide decisions by human project managers.

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Both embryological development and human-engineered building projects assemble materials into a final pre-determined product. It would seem, therefore, that a design-based framework to model embryological development could be readily created. It is true that intra-cellular information and DNA do, in many ways, correspond to the plans and specifications produced by human engineers.
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