Secularist Religious Hypocrisy in Brazil

Since politicians are known to light a shuck out of there when confronted by loud special interest groups, it should be interesting to see how long this lasts. In January of 2020, the administration of Brazil's president appointed a creation advocate for their graduate study programs. Secularists are angry.

Secularists are outraged that Brazil has an official creation advocate for education that has a religious background. However, secularists are religious as well.

Angry, I tell you! The advocate is Benedito GuimarĂ£es Aguiar Neto, and Katie, bar the door, he has a religious background! Worse, he wants to introduce Intelligent Design! First of all, if he's talking about using material from the Intelligent Design movement, they are most certainly not creationists. Don't be riding on ahead of me now and rein in a moment: the ID movement is not creationist, but creationists frequently use intelligent design arguments and examples. You savvy that, pilgrim?

As far as Benedito's qualifications, those are not under consideration. Secularists have a nasty habit of using someone's religion as leverage against them as if that was the primary focus. Here in the United States, religious people in political offices have been attacked, such as questioning John F. Kennedy's Roman Catholicism and his loyalty to the Pope or the Constitution, Mittens Romney's Mormonism, Sarah Palin's religion was in question, and many more.

This is yet another example of the secular science industry inserting itself into leftist political activism.

The hypocrisy comes in because atheism is a religion, whether hiding behind titles like secularist, the gelastic "freethinker" or humanist. (Ironically, Secular Humanism is a religion as well.) We just came off Question Evolution Day, and the atheists and secularists were practically having worship services in the street for "Darwin Day". These owlhoots have their godless religions, but cannot abide by the possiblity that someone who may be "religious" could threaten their dominance of secular indoctrination. Evolution is a foundation for atheistic indoctrination, as we have seen here many times. Like the global warming cultists, secularists get on the prod when their suppression of unpleasant truths is threatened by contrary facts.
The Science article begins by addressing “the encroachment of religion on science and education policy.” Non-evolutionists maintain there is already plenty of religion masquerading as science in public schools—including Brazil. For example, because a Creator is ignored, then it is taught (or inferred) that everything somehow came from nothing in a big explosive event. That is an overtly religious position, because one must have a substantial measure of faith to believe that something can come from nothing.
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