SETI Wasting Money and Resources

It is eminently logical that one cannot locate something that does not exist. The fun people at the Search for Extra-terrestrial Intelligence outfit have spent many years and mucho dinero searching and hoping that space aliens are saying, "Howdy, Earth folks!" But they come up empty, and want more.

SETI has wasted time and money searching for ETs. Now they want more money and resources that will be wasted.
Alien image credit: Pixabay / 024-657-834
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What would they do with an alien if they found one? According to the pronouncements of deep time proponents, any signals we might receive would have been sent many years ago. Maybe they should get with the people who believe that Uncle Xaphizd and his companions have been living among us for a mighty long time. It's on YouTube, so it must be true.

Biblical creationists contend that there are no intelligent life forms in outer space, and that secularists are riding at full gallop to try to find some sign of ET life because they think it would validate atoms-to alien evolution so they can deny the Creator even more. It might also make them feel validated on their origin-of-life speculations. It may even justify the pseudoscience of astrobiology. At any rate, the SETI people want to use the good equipment in the United States and hope that the taxpayers will help them keep their phony-baloney jobs.
If people want to engage in fruitless searchers on their own dime, that’s fine. The people’s representatives long ago considered SETI (the Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence) a low-priority endeavor that should not be funded by tax dollars. (In 1979, it won the “Golden Fleece Award” for government waste). The SETI Institute and other groups have gotten by on private donations, and made progress by updating equipment and improving search techniques. In 2016, Russian rich guy Yuri Milner gave SETI $100 million to spend on projects like “Breakthrough Listen” to keep the dream alive. So far, they have found nothing. They can always claim they haven’t looked at enough stars yet. The dreamers crave money, and there’s never enough. Now, some are crying for a spot at the public till again.
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