Fooling with Radiocarbon Contamination Claims

Secular scientists have been stunned — stunned, I tell you — when C-14 has been found in diverse items (including diamonds) that they claim are millions of years old. For a mighty long time, their presuppositions prevented them from bothering to test these things for radiocarbon.

When diamonds and other things show radiocarbon, scientists and others claim there was contamination. The burden of proof is on them and their assumptions.
Credit: GoodFreePhotos / Thorn Yang
I'll allow that there are some things we simply know and do not feel a need to check; I know that when Basement Cat goes down the steps, she will not float to the ceiling because she's not equipped to defy gravity. When it comes to the age of the earth and things in it, believers in deep time do not actually know the facts (and some question those assumptions). It is inferred, then they presuppose that previous assumptions are correct and that oil, diamonds, and so forth cannot have radiocarbon in them. But they do. That is because the earth is not billions of years old, and the best explanation can be backtracked to the Genesis Flood.

Circle the wagons! The most popular rescuing device is that materials that were tested were contaminated. Wow, that sure was a passel of contamination in many items to be detected by your equipment, Hoss. Also, it's a big insult to the scientists who do that for a living. Hypocritically, they depend on the lab results when their biases are confirmed. Stating that there is contamination gives the accusers the burden of proof.
Radiocarbon (C-14) keeps popping up in the wrong places. Carbon-dating labs have struggled to find ancient samples with zero radiocarbon levels. C-14 has turned up in coal, natural gas, and fossils. Naturalists believe all these specimens are many times older than radiocarbon can theoretically last, which is fewer than 100,000 carbon years.

In contrast, biblical scientists believe Noah’s Flood deposited these materials thousands, not millions, of years ago. A colleague and I expected to find radiocarbon in similarly old samples, and we did.
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