Opossums are not Particular

Marsupials are plentiful in Australia and other areas, but if you take a notion to find one in North America, your choices are limited. Just one, the opossum. They cause arguments among evolutionists regarding their origin and dispersal and they are examples of the Master Engineer's planning.

Opossums thrive in North America, and have been designed with several special characteristics that ensure their survival.
Credit: Flickr / Andy Reago & Chrissy McClarren (CC by 2.0)
If you've been in these parts, you've seen them. Sometimes rooting through the garbage, living under the utility shed, up a tree hanging by the tail, and so on. The Virginia opossum species is known for its ability to reproduce frequently. (Despite the hillbilly stories, they are not considered good chow.) Opossums are opportunists when it comes to living quarters and what to eat — in fact, they are indirectly beneficial for our health by eating passels of ticks that carry Lyme disease. Don't expect to find a 'possum coat next to the mink, though, because it only looks good on the critter it was designed for. If you get too close, they might hiss and show their teeth. Some like to bite.
What creature has a kangaroo pouch, a monkey tail, and a rat’s snout yet lives—mostly unseen—in America’s backyards? A true American success story, the Virginia opossum has flourished in our cities, while urban sprawl has decimated most other wild animals. The key to its success is a few simple, God-given strategies for survival. Don’t be picky. Don’t be tasty or beautiful. When in danger, pretend you’re dead. Raise lots of young.
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