Evolutionary Psychologists Deride Religion

Psychoanalysis was pioneered by Sigmund "Siggy" Freud, who mixed his Jewish heritage with atheism and evolutionism. Today, there are many schools of psychology that do not really work, and few if any address the real problem of the human condition. Meanwhile, evolutionists ridicule religion.

Evolutionists have several stories about the origin of religion, and bad research by evolutionary psychologists have come up with a silly new one.

Evolution supposedly capitalizes on beneficial mutations and the choices of the false god of natural selection. Darwin's acolytes also extrapolate ad hoc ideas to explain human behavior — free of actual evidence, of course. You would think that religion is a good thing by evolutionary standards because it benefits humanity and brings people together. Although atheists are religious, its adherents deny this fact. Can they make up a story about how and why atheism evolved? Not hardly! 

Meanwhile, evolutionary psychologists liken physical disgust with emotional disgust to conjure up another tale about the origin of religion. The "study" lacked many of the elements of a proper study, and those involved should have acted in a scientific manner instead of jawing before they commenced to doing serious research. There are important questions that can be asked of them, and their conclusions can be turned back on them.
Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools. Yet they never learn.

It’s an observational fact that the world is full of religions, which cannot all be true, because they contradict each other. What is it about human nature that makes people around the world seek after the divine? This demands an explanation from thinkers regardless of their religious beliefs.

. . . psychologists view themselves as above the fray, able to look down on their fellow humans as products of evolutionary forces from which they subconsciously think they are exempt. The latest example is pretty disgusting.
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