Creation Virology and COVID-19

Addendum added 4-09-2020
At this point in time, we are all learning about the virus that is known scientifically as SARS-CoV-2. People are wondering why it has been so difficult to deal with, but it is unique and that is why you will often hear the word novel associated with it — everyone is learning. Despite the claims of one owlhoot, COVID-19 is not the end for creationism. In fact, a creation approach is crucial in understanding the virus.

Evolutionary thinking is harmful to medical science and virology. A creation approach is far more effective in dealing with COVID-19.
Original image from the CDC, then modified with FotoSketcher
Darwinian medicine is not only foolish, but downright dangerous. Some people are claiming that this virus is evidence for evolution, but that is completely false. In the original very good creation, viruses, bacteria, and other microbes were prolific and our Creator had a purpose for them. Creation virologists point out that many (if not most) viruses are beneficial. Interestingly, there is disagreement as to whether or not viruses are living things because they do have DNA but do not have cells.

A few important articles are listed here. The first is written in a Q and A format. It is not overly technical and the author is extremely qualified to write it. I recommend clicking on "COVID-19, Coronavirus, and Creation Virology". Another article, written by a medical doctor, is also of interest, "How COVID-19 Started and Where It’s Going". Finally, there is a much longer in-depth article from 1999 that is still relevant. I am linking to the audio version, but if you scroll down, you can find a link to the print version as well as other resources. For this one, click on "Did God Make Pathogenic Viruses?"

ADDENDUM: More from Dr. Francis at "Viruses in Context".