Misrepresenting Christians on Childbirth Pain Relief

Since the religion of atheism is irrational and incoherent, atheists have a natural proclivity to misrepresent Christian and creationist beliefs. If they were as interested in reason as they claim, they would not be so all fired up to malign their Creator. This helps illustrate the fact that their hatred of God, the Bible, Christians, and creationists is not based on logic, but is a spiritual matter. Take for example the fake news that James Simpson opposed pain relief during Childbirth.

We know that atheists like to misrepresent Christianity and the Bible. One major example is of James Simpson and anesthesia for women in childbirth.
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Quite often, atheists will go to atheist clearinghouses for unoriginal spurious thoughts that support their preconceptions. These use circular reasoning from false authorities for ideas like Christianity being copied from pagan religions, generalizing when oligophrenic professing Christians refuse medical care based on "faith" that all Christians are this way, the so-called war between science and faith, Galileo persecuted by the Roman Catholic Church, and more. This is simply atheopathic propaganda and bigotry.

James Simpson developed anesthesia for women giving birth, and "sources" that have been cited by misotheists claim that Christians were quirting Simpson because women were supposed to suffer because of Genesis 3:16. By extension, that would mean anyone who gives pain relief or helps heal a patient is defying God's will. They tend to forget about the healings done in the Bible! One thing that Simpson had in common with Galileo is they both went against the scientific establishments of their day. However, it was reasonable to question the validity of Dr. Simpson's method on medical grounds. To resist it after it had been proven, however, would have been ridiculous.
There are a number of myths that atheopaths invoke to justify their hatred of Christianity. Many involve alleged bad things done by the Church (whether or not they are consistent with Christ’s teachings), and in particular, Church opposition to scientific advances.

One is that the Church opposed using anesthesia to alleviate childbirth pain. The use of anaesthesia was pioneered by Scottish doctor Sir James Young Simpson, 1st Baronet (1811–1870), who had a strong record of care for women. For example, like Ignaz Semmelweis, he insisted that doctors washed their hands thoroughly to prevent spread of infection.

However, some today try to argue there was widespread opposition to Simpson based on Genesis 3:16, “To the woman he said, “I will surely multiply your pain in childbearing; in pain you shall bring forth children.” Supposedly pain relief was opposing God’s command. One modern writer falsely claimed:
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