New Blood Component Discovery Thwarts Evolution

The more we learn, the more we discover that we did not know much at all. Then we realize that we still have much more to learn — and how fundamentalist Darwinists can be obtuse popinjays. Take that red stuff flowing in our veins. A new discovery opens up a passel of possibilities.

Further studies in genetics and blood continue to show the futility of evolution, and they support special creation.
Credit: PIXNIO / Janice Haney Carr, USCDCP
Darwin did not know very much about the natural world, and he should have paid attention to the beginnings of genetics pioneered by Gregor Mendel (peas be upon him). An amazing amount of information has been learned about genetics in a short time, and knowledge about blood has also increased. Mitochondrial membrane proteins are an amazing discovery that further support the genius of the Master Engineer. Fortunately, instead of acting like earlier DNA researchers and waving off what they did not understand as "junk", these researchers want to determine the function of circulating mitochondria.
It was known that mitochondria are found outside of cells in the form of fragments encapsulated within microvesicles. Under certain limited conditions, blood platelets release intact mitochondria into the extracellular space. Researchers from Universit√© de Montpellier (in southeast France) have “now revolutionized knowledge of this organelle by revealing that whole functioning extracellular mitochondria are in fact found in the bloodstream.” Specifically, the researchers learned from earlier research that “the plasma of a healthy individual contains up to 50,000 times more mitochondrial DNA than nuclear DNA.”
To read the full article, click on "A New Blood Component Revealed". The blood Jesus shed for was as complex as ours, but had the unique spiritual ability to provide the remission of sins.