Your Ancestor was a Worm

If you find yourself way down South Australia way, you might want to ride over to the tiny town of Beltana on the Warioota Creek. Somewhere around this creek Darwin's acolytes may still be burning prayer candles in his praise because they claim to have found traces of our oldest ancestor. Take your hat off for a minute and try to look solemn.

Evolutionists are excited about supposedly finding our oldest ancestor. The facts are far different than the story. Again.
Artist conception of Ikaria wariootia
Credit: Wikimedia Commons / Apokryltaros (CC by-SA 4.0)
We know that scientists work from their worldviews and interpret evidence according to them. However, when the narrative of naturalism trumps what has been observed, we have some problems. What did they find? Not a whole lot. Traces. Worm burrows, actually. The hysterical press of the secular science industry is inflating the story even worse that the researchers did. Other worm burrows have been dated more recently than secularists dated these. No sign of evolution here, mate. No sign of Darwinism anywhere because life was created recently. Ride on, our real ancestor was Adam.
A new study released on March 23, 2020, claims that evolutionary scientists have identified the oldest human ancestor. The fossil evidence for this assertion was found in rocks from Nilpena, South Australia. However, what they really found is rice-sized worm burrows, called trace fossils. And any direct link to humans is mere speculation and wishful thinking.
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