Evolutionists Indoctrinating Your Children

In "Evolutionists Joyfully Celebrating Indoctrination", we saw how Darwin's disciples are thrilled that they are making converts to atheistic naturalism and evolutionary thinking. Not through science and logic, of course, but through more devious means. They also have systems of indoctrinating your children.

Darwin's disciples are making converts through subterfuge, not science and logic. They want your children by any means necessary.
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Let's face it, the state controls children and education is mandatory. Even homeschooling (or home education) is usually highly regulated. Something I frequently point out is that atheists and evolutionists have conniption fits and accuse Christian parent of "indoctrination" and hypocritically refer to secular institutions of have the kids an average of 1,170 hours each school year. No, that is indoctrination, old son. For that matter, secular values are instilled in them and their Christian, Jewish, or other beliefs are gradually pushed out.

As we see in daily life and especially political activism, people are more inclined to follow emotional manipulation than to use reason. Indeed, logic is not taught nearly as much as it should be and most people do not seem to respect people who think. However, evolutionists who are indoctrinating children are insidious sidewinders, using manipulation, cherry-picked (and even outdated) information, and using subtle methods.
Give me four years to teach the children and in four years the seed I have sown will never bee uprooted.
— Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov (Lenin)

He alone, who owns the youth, gains the future.
— Adolf Hitler
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Let's be blunt. Secularists are very concerned that people accept the pseudoscience of evolution because it is foundational for atheistic naturalism. When given sufficient, unvarnished information, young people are able to see the foolishness of evolution for what it is, and are more willing to resist it. Biblical creation science ministries are here to equip Christians to present the truth in this pagan-dominated culture, to help individuals understand what and why they believe, and to help teach children so they are not so easily swayed by manipulation.
Over the past few decades, dozens of science education papers have been published detailing how evolutionists are trying to convince Christian college students into accepting evolution. College educators have already gotten this down to a science. Polling information shows that they have also been quite successful in achieving this.

In general, a little less than half of Americans disbelieve evolution. And among those who do, a large portion believe that some god guided the process. On the other hand, these statistics are not the same for young people under the age of 30.
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These trends should be very worrisome to Christian parents and church leaders alike. We should also ask, how are the secularists achieving their goal? What does it mean for us? What should we do?
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