Bad Day for Vampire Squids?

Once again, I realize that I got into the wrong business. You do not have to be a scientist to use their principle of Making Things Up™, and it seems like it would be easy to get paid to publish in a secular journal by pretending to do science and fudging the data.

These owlhoots in the secular science industry are a vexation, pure and simple. A fossil of two squids having the last bad day of their lives showed one being predatory-like on another, then both were buried. An abysmally absurd excuse, "distraction sinking", was invoked to explain their final situation. That one really takes the rag off the bush.

The secular science industry pays well to promote evolution with absurd excuses. The vampire squid fossil is evidence of the Flood, not gradualism.
Credit: Wikimedia Commons / Citron (CC-BY-SA-3.0)
The two squids were presumed to be evolutionary ancestors of the vampire squid from Hell (named because of its superficial resemblances to vampire stereotypes of old), but evidence does not support this speculation. Also, "distraction sinking" because they were fighting over lunch, sank, and died is (I say again) abysmally absurd; it's a transparent effort to deny the evidence of rapid burial and fossilization by the Genesis Flood. The modern vampire squid gets along right friendly-like with low oxygen in the water, so that distraction thing gets deflated.
A recent news item mentioned that a vampire squid ancestor died while eating its dinner (another smaller vampire squid ancestor). While the cause of death is not known with certainty, the interpretation is that suffocation was the immediate cause of death for both. For the smaller squid, suffocating while being eaten alive was the proverbial “fate worse than death.” The lead author of the study, Dr. Christian Klug, had an interesting hypothesis in her interview with Livescience : “We assume that the predator was so happy about its catch that it did not realize that it was sinking. It probably wound up in the oxygen-poor water layers, suffocated, died and was embedded in the soft mud.”

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